Since internet went universal, every angle of life boot up from mingling with friends, amusement, to exploration. No wonder buying and selling also took quantum jump to become what is generally known as e-commerce. Up-to-the-minute, you deal in as good as anything using your Smartphone or computer in the amenity of your home with the product mailed right to your doorstep. Retailers and even wholesalers are doing great business by getting the goods at cheap cost and selling them for high prices.

Here are the best portals that are making great money selling online:

  1. Amazon

  • Amazon is a leading, commercial, well-liked and dominating among all e-commerce platforms.
  • More visitors per day.
  • More preferable than eBay.
  • Well-advertised Platform for buyers.
  • On some products, they offer free shipping.
  1. EBAY

  • Being founder in the online selling, it gives variety of possibilities in electronics, mobile phones, gadgets etc.
  • Sellers are making good money through eBay, when it comes to lifestyle genre.
  • EBay charges more fees from the seller, that’s the reason sellers are going after Amazon as compare to eBay.
  • EBay exactly tells you about number of views per day and followers and clicked on your product. Also shows visibility of items according to location.
  1. Flipkart

  • This portal is earning recognition and trust of sellers by ensuring more seller-friendly policy.
  • Well-demand portal.
  • Not a successful seller as compare to Amazon and eBay.
  1. COM

  • This genius life-changing portal has put the productivity into the custody of the people rather than all big corporate bodies making surplus. It is win-win portal for everyone from consumers to retailers to non-profit organizations and now even local businesses with
  • Progressing fast.
  • SHOP grants the user to Shop, Save and Earn Cash Back all in single spot.


  1. COM

  • This is the shopping portal having range of brands from high-priced to reasonable.
  • A lot of retailers are registered in this platform.

You need to run your online business on facts not on intuition. Although each shopping portal undergoes with its UP’s and DOWN’s so consider following points while taking the final decision of opening online store:

  1. Online Terms and Conditions for Sellers
  2. Great/Exclusive deals
  3. Shipping Cost
  4. Cash-back policy
  5. Price Comparison
  6. Search for the profitable products to sell
  7. Search for the verified wholesale supplier


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